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The Art of Ranking Ahead of your Competition on Google

Webinar: 30-Minute Lunch & Learn - SEO 101 for Recruiters

Where does your firm rank on Google?
GOOGLE: Recruiting Firm + [Your Location] [Your Niche]
Ex.] Recruiting Firm, Minneapolis, Finance & Accounting

Where do you rank?

  • Are your competitors ranking higher than you?
    • If Yes, this webinar is for you
  • Do you believe you dominate your "niche" market?
    • If Yes, this webinar is for you
  • Do you have more credibility than the competition?Would clients buy from you, and they still rank higher?
    • This webinar is for you!

Work "on" your Business.
This is a can't miss webinar for growth-minded recruiting firm owners, both new and experienced!


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Tony Sorensen

Founder & President | Parqa & Versique Search and Consulting

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How One Recruiter Drove $400K in Placements with SEO & Content Marketing!

In this webinar Parqa's Founder and CEO of Versique Search & Consulting, shares exactly how he grew his firm from a new brand in the marketplace, to a $11M firm in just 5 years! 

We discuss:

  • How the introduction of SEO, in support of other marketing tactics, led to 42% of Total Revenue from Google call-Ins
  • What Tony heard during his discussions with thousands of prospective Google call-ins. Identifying exactly what clients look for when they search Google for their next recruiting and staffing partner
  • What is Optimization? Real examples of keyword-focused practice area pages, job boards, and blogs to build your firm a brand you are proud of, online

We will guide you through the necessary "next" steps to get found online. Learn how to communicate your value, by identifying the right keywords to extend your expertise with Practice Area pages, blogging content, job posts, and more.

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Meet the Speaker: Tony Sorensen

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CEO & President | Parqa - Versique Search & Consulting

Tony will be speaking at the upcoming NAPS 2018 Annual Conference, educating attendees on How To Use Digital Marketing to Enhance Your Credibility & Get New Clients and Candidates Calling YouWith a career spanning 20 years in the recruiting industry, Tony, founded Parqa Digital Marketing Agency with a passion to educate firm owners, and help recruiting firms nationwide take their online presence to the next level. Investing in his own firm, Versique grew from $0 - $17M in just five years from digital marketing sources. He has spoken at NAPS, SHRM, Allied Executives, and hosted Webinars and CEO roundtables across the country about digital marketing, and has partnered with EMinfo, ORA, and NYSA.