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Growing Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn:

Webinar: 30 Minute How-To Guide for Recruiters

Struggling to Stand Out on LinkedIn?

By expanding your social exposure, recruiters can position themselves to attract the best talent on LinkedIn. Join us in this webinar to learn:

  • How employer branding impacts your ability to attract top talent
  • A simple trick to make your bio jump off the page
  • How to position your firm and build your brand's story

This is a can't miss webinar for staffing firm owners and recruiters.


Tony Circular Headshot

Tony Sorensen

Founder & President
Parqa & Versique Search & Consulting

Watch the Webinar On-Demand

How We Got 20,000 LinkedIn Followers, and You Can Too!

In this webinar, Parqa Founder, Tony Sorensen shares exactly how he and Versique Search & Consulting went from 0 to 20,000 followers on LinkedIn, and how you can too.

Learn how to put your skillset to the top of the list, telling your story, and identifying your value added directly on your LinkedIn profile. Candidates are monitoring countless positions and reviewing multiple recruiters, make your bio and your industry expertise jump off the page.

Don’t move away from the tried techniques of getting your jobs in front of your candidates. This webinar will guide you through the necessary steps taken to communicate your expertise on LinkedIn, resulting in conversion of more candidate leads.

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Fill Out the Form and Also Receive a LinkedIn Editorial Checklist for Recruiters:

Our LinkedIn Checklist for recruiters makes posting easy and helps you stay accountable with:

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly recommendations to keep your profile fresh and relevant to clients
  • Easy plug and play tactics, to build your personal brand through LinkedIn Publisher & LinkedIn Groups
  • All in a 1-Page PDF to tape up on the wall, guiding you to an improved, modern, LinkedIn presence
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Meet the Speaker: Tony Sorensen

Tony will be speaking at the upcoming Naps 2018 Annual Conference, educating attendees on How To Use Digital Marketing to Enhance Your Credibility & Get New Clients and Candidates Calling YouWith a career spanning 20 years in the recruiting industry, Tony, founded Parqa Digital Marketing Agency with a passion to educate firm owners, and help staffing firms nationwide take their online presence to the next level. Investing in his own firm, Versique grew from $0 - $10M in just four years from digital marketing sources. He has spoken at NAPS, SHRM, Allied Executives, and hosted Webinars and CEO roundtables across the country about digital marketing, and has partnered with EMinfo, ORA, and NYSA.